Future of Portlet standards?

Werner Keil

Dear All,

I came across this group almost by accident, but it seems 8 members are subscribed here, hope Scott or Neil also are.
After the underlying Java EE standards all migrated to Eclipse/EE4J, what does this mean for Portlet standards like Portlets or the JSF Bridge?
All depend on underlying standards like Servlets or JSF developed outside the JCP now. 

Most of these are already done Open Source, the RI (for JSR 362) is at Apache, moving it to Eclipse may not make sense, but the spec and standards have to live and continue somewhere if there was a plan and demand for future Portlet standards.


Neil Griffin

Hi Werner,

This area has two groups: portlet-spec and faces-bridge-spec:

The portlet-spec group was created for post-JSR-362 discussions by the JSR 362 Expert Group because the old group was hosted by the mailing list system. Even though there are no messages yet, the public discussion is happening in the form of Apache PLUTO Jira issues, mostly in the form of challenging TCK tests and fixing them.

The faces-bridge-spec group was created for JSR-378 discussions, but we haven't used it because all our discussions/voting takes place via Liferay FACES Jira issues.

In my opinion the JCP has served these two specs well, but I don't know whether or not the JCP EC would be willing to govern future versions of them. I guess we would find out during the "JSR Review" or "JSR Review Ballot" phases.

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Werner Keil


Thanks a lot for the reply. I asked the question here because I only joined portlet-spec as (former) EG member right now. And the question will affect both over time.
I don't see why JSR-378 should not go final unles the EC believes otherwise (at the moment I am not there) as it targets Java EE 7. Even a Portlet 3.1 or 4.0 spec for Java EE 8 in theory could be an option, but I guess especially IBM with a large stake in EE4J, MicroProfile or other projects like OpenJ9 may ask itself, if Java EE 8 was worth the update or skipping it and using EE4J or whatever the platform ends up named as instead.

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