Re: Future of Portlet standards?

Neil Griffin

Hi Werner,

This area has two groups: portlet-spec and faces-bridge-spec:

The portlet-spec group was created for post-JSR-362 discussions by the JSR 362 Expert Group because the old group was hosted by the mailing list system. Even though there are no messages yet, the public discussion is happening in the form of Apache PLUTO Jira issues, mostly in the form of challenging TCK tests and fixing them.

The faces-bridge-spec group was created for JSR-378 discussions, but we haven't used it because all our discussions/voting takes place via Liferay FACES Jira issues.

In my opinion the JCP has served these two specs well, but I don't know whether or not the JCP EC would be willing to govern future versions of them. I guess we would find out during the "JSR Review" or "JSR Review Ballot" phases.

Kind Regards,


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